Lionsgate Double-Dips Uwe Boll’s ‘Alone in the Dark’?!

Bwahahahahaha!! Seriously, what the hell do we need this for? Lionsgate Home Entertainment will re-release Uwe Boll’s abomination Alone In The Dark (review) in a new Unrated Director’s Cut on September 25th, according to Davis DVD. Featuring three additional minutes worked back into the film, the horror film – starring Christian Slater, Tara Reid, and Stephen Dorff – arrrives with an anamorphic widescreen transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks. Extras will include a new commentary with beloved director Uwe Boll, deleted scenes, music videos and a video game. Retail is $19.98. Awesome, three more minutes of terrible directing – or maybe the opening crawl is even longer?

Source: Davis DVD