New Reviews: Tartan’s ‘Silk’ Impresses the Masses

Today we’ve added a bunch of new reviews, which you can find links and quotes for inside. One particular film stands out of the bunch, Tartan Films’ Silk, which I’ve been hearing nothing but high praises for. The movie is now available on DVD everywhere, so you should definitely check it out. Read on to see what other reviews have been added over the past week.
All reviews can be found here:

Silk: Review by Tex Massacre, “If you find the J-Horror set to illusive for your tastes or are looking for an unexpected and revitalizing entry after too many JU-ON films then SILK is exactly the film you need to see.

The Wizard of Gore: Review by Jack Calvert, “In the age of Criss Angel and the gruesomely funny Penn & Teller, it was an ingenious idea to do do an updated version of “The Wizard of Gore.” But it says something about this film that Lewis’s original, bad as it was, is both gorier and more entertaining.

Forest of the Dead: Review by Tex Massacre, “FOREST OF THE DEAD might not be the next NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD or EVIL DEAD or even the DEAD NEXT DOOR, but it does share a great deal of brotherly bond with those films. They were all made outside the system by a group of people who were looking to entertain themselves and a very lucky audience—and entertain them they did.

Shadow Puppets: Review by Tex Massacre, “It took Writer/Director Michael Winnick six years to follow up his first film DEUCES, and while SHADOW PUPPETS definitely has some flaws, I for one am looking forward to seeing another feature from this interesting filmmaker. At the very least, the film allayed my fears of child-like fingers making shadows on the walls.

Blood Oath: Review by Room 237, “Let me save you some time, money and sanity by directing you to the only worthwhile moment in this film. Simply fast-forward to 40:35, watch for about two minutes and voila!

Source: B-D Reviews