Donnie Wahlberg Returns For ‘Saw IV’… And He’s Pissed!

It appears that Lionsgate has more tricks up their sleeve than already revealing the director for the next two Saw films following the release of Saw IV on October 26 (story here). We had been informed that Donnie Wahlberg did have a role in Darren Bousman’s latest effort, but like last year, were told it was untrue. It appears Wahlberg is in fact in the film… and pissed about it. Read on for the skinny.

Bring it on! I want Saw V, VI, VII…

From Rotten Tomatoes:

Most actors are happy when they get asked back to a role. Not Donnie Wahlberg. Though left for dead at the end of Saw II, he was granted more screen time in Saw III. That seemed to be the end, but it looks like there’s more Wahlberg in Saw IV.

“Yeah, I got a scene in it,” said Wahlberg. “They kept me alive. I told them I wanted to die in part three and they took out my death. I just lie there and nothing happens.”

[Spoiler alert]

Even Jigsaw died in Saw III but he’s back. The filmmakers are keeping a tight lip on the timeframe that allows such actors to return, but Wahlberg was so annoyed that he spilled that officer Matthews still exists in present tense.

“No, they kept me alive. I don’t want to talk about it.”

Perplexed? You’ve got a few months to marinate on it, until Saw IV makes its way into theaters on October 26.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes