McFarlane Talks ‘Spawn’ Remake, Spawn’s a Mute?!

If there’s one movie I’m dying to see (next to Tortured Souls) it’s another Spawn from creator Todd McFarlane. The first was way ahead of it’s time, similar to what happened with the original Fantastic Four movie, but now that special FX are kicking major arse I foresee a really badass version of Spawn in the pipeline – one where Spawn doesn’t have a nose. Read on for an interesting interview.
MTV asks Todd McFarlane: The thing that I’ve always found cool about “Spawn” is that it’s its own type of scary. It’s not Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” or Eli Roth’s “Hostel.”

McFarlane replies with some really interesting comments, “Right, I’d call this more of a suspense thriller. I’m going to use a big example which may seem sort of loopy, but to me it’s closer to “Jaws” in that — and this is one of the problems that some of the studios had — Spawn won’t talk. He’s just a being in this movie — which again, some people may find odd — but, you know, Jaws didn’t talk a hell of a lot in his movie either. But you knew that when he came out, something was going to happen. You know what I mean? You’ve made the presence known enough that nothing good was going to come of his presence being there.

So it’s sort of the same concept. I’m not going for Freddy Krueger horror and I’m not going for Spider-Man action superhero. I’m not even going for a guy who’s going to sit there and talk. You’re never actually ever going to see him in his cape or costume in any kind of direct light. It’s just going to be this thing that’s just going to come, and if it’s there then buddy, you’re going to have a bad day.

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Source: MTV