Sony Announces ‘Hostel: Director’s Cut’ and ‘Hostel: Part II’

Today at the San Diego Comic Con we attended the press conference for Sony Home Entertainment who announced the special Unrated Director’s Cut of Eli Roth’s Hostel, which features the unseen original ending to the film, along with the Unrated release of Hostel: Part II, both arriving at retailers on October 23. Read on for the specs on these DVD releases and watch for official release when it’s sent out.

Hostel, Hostel: Part II on DVD October 23

I’m not sitting here and transcribing the press release because Sony couldn’t give it to us on a disc, so here are the quick bits on both DVD release.

HOSTEL: PART II Unrated on DVD, Hi-Def Blu-ray

-4 Featurettes (“The Next Level” Behind-the-Scenes, the Art of KNB Effects, Set Design, International TV Special)
-Blood and Guts Montage
-Set Design
-10 Deleted Scenes
-Commentary with Eli Roth
-Commentary with Eli Roth, Gabe Roth and Quentin Tarantino
-Cast and Crew Commentary with Eli Roth, Lauren German, Richard Burgi and Vera Jordanova
-Elvis Mitchell of ‘The Treatment’ with Eli Roth
-Factory Torture Cams (only on Blu-ray)


-Director and Producers Commentary
-Director and Guest Commentary
-Director and Producer Commentary II
-Music and Sound
-Set Design
-KNB Effects
-An Icelandic Meal with Actor Eythor Gudjonsson
-Takashi Miike Interview (!)
-Hostel Dismembered
-The Treatment
-Kill the Car
-Hostel Dissected
-10 Deleted Scenes
-Four photo galleries
-Alternate endings and choice which to watch