TIFF Review: French Horror Film ‘Frontier(s)’ Scores Perfect!

I have a rule here on B-D that I will NOT give a movie a perfect score unless I see it twice. I believe a film should really stand on it’s two legs on a second viewing to really deserve that honor, which is why I went through great lengths to see Xavier Gens’ Frontier(s) (trailer) two times at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. I am pleased to present you with a review for the film, which is the first to get a perfect score since Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy back in March of 2005. “FRONTIER(S) is so freaking hardcore that it’s guaranteed to knock you on our ass so hard that you’ll be bruised by it for life, leaving a little scar deep inside you. This film will not be easily forgotten or shaken off, I guarantee this is one for the ages… you are about to enter a new frontier of horror.” Click the title for the review or read all reviews by clicking here. Frontier(s) is the next Haute Tension, guartanteed!

Source: All TIFF Coverage