Horror In Your House Loves Lionsgate’s Torture Films

One more week down and one more week to go as Halloween is looming closer. Each week my DVD collection grows by another five as the studios are releasing more and more films just in time for the holiday. Today is no different as you’ll find all sorts of goodies like Buried Alive; Lionsgate’s Fido, Hostel: Director’s Cut, Hostel: Part II and Saw III: Director’s Cut; The Tripper and loads more! Read on to see what hits stores tomorrow, October 23.

Horror In Your House
October 23, 2007
By: Tex Massacre

APARTMENT 1303: Tartan

A young woman commits suicide by plunging off the balcony of the new apartment she had just moved into. Her sister begins to investigate and discovers the apartment itself has a shocking and gruesome history which pits her face-to-face with evil.


In this 1963 trilogy of chilling tales, a beautiful woman’s ex-lover terrorizes her, a father returns home a vampire, and a ghost haunts a nurse. The vampire story — probably the most famous of the three — stars a poignant Boris Karloff, who also plays host for the anthology. Italian horror impresario Mario Bava served as writer, director and cinematographer for the film.


Horror reigns supreme when hell’s undead demons terrorize the planet! Italian director Mario Bava’s first film is a masterpiece of black-and-white gothic horror steeped in rich atmosphere. Condemned witch Princess Asa returns from the dead two centuries after her execution and wreaks vengeance on her executioners’ descendents. Beware the Iron Maiden!

BURIED ALIVE: Weinstein/Genius

Terrifying horror film about a group of college students hunted by the evil spirit of a woman who was buried alive years ago in their secluded vacation house.


When a high school falls victim to the machinations of a crazed ax murderer, everyone assumes that the local psycho is to blame. But the longer the crimes drag on, the more our heroine begins to suspect that her boyfriend has something to do with them.


Jakub , a young 18th century nobleman, rots in prison for conspiring against the king. A mysterious stranger frees him, but in exchange he demands a list of Jakub’s fellow conspirators. Jakub follows the stranger on a journey across a nightmarish, snowbound countryside where they witness countless acts of brutal violence. Affected by the overall chaos and moral corruption, the young nobleman descends into madness.

FIDO: Lionsgate

Fido is a typical movie about the boy next door and his pet — except in this case the loyal “pet” is a lumbering zombie named Fido. Problems arise when he breaks loose and noshes on the next-door neighbor, forcing owner Timmy Robinson into damage-control mode while he tries to persuade his parents to keep Fido in director Andrew Currie’s imaginative horror-comedy.

GAG: ThinkFilm

A good deed definitely does not go unpunished for two burglars who have the tables turned on them during a job. Breaking into a Hollywood mansion, the duo finds a man bound and beaten in a secret room. Helping him is only their first mistake. A serial killer with a penchant for torture has just trapped these partners in crime in his web of brutality — and he has nightmarish torments in store that will have them begging for the end.

HELLRAISER 20th Anniversary Edition: Anchor Bay

The tale of a couple and their daughter who move into an old house and discovers a hideous creature—the man’s half-brother (and his wife’s former lover)—hiding upstairs. Having lost his earthly body to three demons, the man’s been brought back to life by a drop of blood on the floor. Soon, he’s forcing his former mistress to bring him human sacrifices to complete his body.


National Guard soldiers stop at a New Mexican outpost only to find the isolated camp mysteriously deserted. Little do they know that these are the very hills that the ill-fated Carter family once visited, and that a tribe of cannibalistic mutants lies in wait.


In 15th century France, the warlock Alaric de Marnac is beheaded for crimes against humanity and his equally vile mistress viciously killed, but not before the pair put a curse upon the decedents of their executioners. So starts HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB, one of Paul Naschy’s most gruesome and sensational films. With its midnight séances, the undead rising from marshes, generous doses of nudity, blood-drenching heart-ripping and eerie atmosphere, HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB rightfully deserves its place as a hallmark of euro-horror.

HOSTEL Director’s Cut: Sony Pictures

Seeking out the quintessential college experience by backpacking through Europe, two American students an eccentric Icelander and head to a hostel that’s said to be brimming with women. But once they arrive, their desires are quelled by the discovery of unimaginable horrors.

Both editions of the film are 94 minutes so….I’m as curious as you to see what makes the “cut”.

HOSTEL: PART II: Sony Pictures

Three female college students take a detour from their partying, enticed by a beautiful European woman who promises seclusion, safety and maybe even romance. What they get is a living hell where they are sold to the highest bidder who’s fondest wish is to kill them slowly. Hostel 2 also follows 2 American men who, on the flip side of the coin, are willing to pay to join an exclusive club where a life will end at their hands…any way they like.

KAW: Sony Pictures

When an enormous flock of ravens begins attacking and feeding on the residents of a rural town, Sheriff Wayne Hayborn must get to the bottom of their bizarre behavior while trying to prevent an onslaught. But with countless crazed birds hell-bent on feasting on human flesh, the lawman has his work cut out in this made-for-cable creature feature.


In a town by the Rhine river, young women are turning up dead…savagely torn to pieces and their hearts missing. Concerned that whatever beast is doing these horrible murders will end up attacking its female students, a nearby school for young women hires an experienced hunter to find and kill the creature. The hunter will soon find out that this is no ordinary beast that craves human hearts, but rather a deceptive, alluring and mysterious being–the Loreley–who is already looking for another heart to use in a gruesome ancient ritual.
Amando de Ossorio, creator of the Blind Dead series, once again employs a national legend to strike terror into the viewer, this time Germany’s seductive destroyer of men, the Loreley. Featuring femme-fatale icon Helga Line, LORELEY’S GRASP mixes savage horror and haunting romanticism to create another memorable classic from the director who gave us some of the most shocking and impacting images in euro-horror.

Volume 2 adds eight more films to Bava’s discography, including two version of LISA AND THE DEVIL. This is a must own DVD set for fans of the Italian maestro.

LISA AND THE DEVIL—While visiting Toledo, Spain, American tourist Lisa Reiner experiences a feeling of deja vu when she sees an ancient mural of the Devil carrying away the dead. THE HOUSE OF EXORCISM—After seeing the devil in an ancient Spanish fresco, comely tourist Lisa Reiner meets him in the flesh. Satan soon takes over her soul and drives her into the hospital, where American priest Father Michael does his best to exorcise the demon. The movie is a re-edit of Italian director Mario Bava’s film LISA AND THE DEVIL—but with vastly different results. BAY OF BLOOD—When a man murders his elderly heiress wife, her relatives and friends set out to narrow the field of inheritors by going on a killing spree. But when a gang of college kids takes over an abandoned house on the property to hold a party, the body count really begins to soar in this atmospherically shot gore fest. BARON BLOOD—In search of his roots, American student Peter Kleist visits the Austrian castle of an ancestor. But some family histories are better left unknown, as Peter discovers when he resurrects the castle’s former occupant, a sadistic 16th-century nobleman. ROY COLT AND WINCHESTER JACK—The tale revolves around cowboys Jack and Roy, who go their separate ways after several failed crime sprees. Jack decides to make an honest living as a sheriff, but soon changes his mind after discovering a map that points to hidden treasure. The race to find the treasure pits Jack and Roy against all manner of outlaws with dollar signs in their eyes. KIDNAPPED—In the wake of a horribly bungled robbery, desperate thieves in need of a clean getaway kidnap a group of hostages and drag them along for the ride. 5 DOLLS FOR AN AUGUST MOON—An industralist invites a small group of wealthy friends to his private island for a weekend of relaxation and light business. He wants them to meet the brilliant chemist Gerry Farrell who has invented a new chemical process. Against his wishes, Farrell is engaged in business discussions revolving around millions of dollars worth of investment. As each of the potential investors goes behind each other’s back fear and mistrust grow. FOUR TIMES THAT NIGHT—A mod remake of Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon. Gianni and Tina spend a sexy evening together, but something terrible happens. Four people tell the story from different points of view. According to Tina, Gianni was a leering, pawing jerk. But in Gianni’s story, Tina ruthlessly seduced her reluctant date. Whose version is correct?


Up and coming motocross racer Cody (Jason McClain)is on the hottest winning streak of his career…a streak that threatens to unseat the undefeated riders on team Skullz . Little does Cody know that this team’s riders have an edge, they are Zombies! Cody and his tuner Tom and friend Lori get more than they bargained for when during the biggest motocross race of the season the Zombies and their un-dead manager Ivan target them for elimination of the deadliest kind. In Motocross Zombies from Hell it takes more than a fast bike to win! It takes guts and a shotgun to survive!


A struggling writer, engaged to be married to his beautiful girlfriend, finds his muse when she starts having nightmares due to the stress of their upcoming wedding. He attempts to capitalize on her misery by turning these nightmares into his first great novel. When the manuscript catches the eye of a local literary agent, his dreams of success are finally realized, until his fiancé begins to take drugs to stop the nightmares and end her daily suffering. How far will he go to get the ending for his book? In the end will her nightmares save him, or instead foresee his demise?

SAW III: Director’s Cut: Lionsgate

Jigsaw has disappeared. With his new apprentice, the puppet-master behind the cruel, intricate games that have terrified a community and baffled police has once again eluded capture and vanished. While city detectives scramble to locate him, Doctor Lynn Denlon and Jeff are unaware that they are about to become the latest pawns on his vicious chessboard.

This edition adds 8 more minutes of fun back into the franchise—pushing number III past the 2 hour mark!

SAW Trilogy (6-disc set): Lionsgate

This six-disc spedial edition collects the three double-disc director’s cuts together for one sweet collection. Of course with 4 thru 6 coming up soon these DVD will just be the tip of your bloody iceburg!


In this outrageous, unrated and fully extended version of Seed of Chucky, everyone’s favorite killer doll returns-and he’s bringing the entire family! This time around, Chucky and his homicidal honey, Tiffany, are brought back to life by their orphan offspring, Glen. Then the horror goes Hollywood as Chucky unleashes his own brand of murderous mayhem!

SCARY MOVIE (Blu-ray): Weinstein/Genius

Following on the heels of popular teen-scream horror movies, the creators of television’s “In Living Color” throw their hat into the ring the best way they know how — with biting comedy. Marlon and Shawn Wayans, Shannon Elizabeth and Carmen Electra pitch in to skewer some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, including Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Matrix, American Pie and The Blair Witch Project.

THE SHINING (2-disc edition): Warner

All work and no play make Jack a bloodthirsty boy. On the wagon after his alcoholism created family troubles, aspiring novelist Jack Torrance accepts a position as off-season custodian at an elegant but eerie hotel so he can write undisturbed. No sooner have Jack, his wife and son Danny settled in than the ominous hotel starts to wield its sinister power over father and son. …

TALES FROM THE CRYPT: The Complete Seventh Season: HBO

Greetings, fiends! The last time you saw the Crypt Keeper…wait, this is the last time. So turn out the frights, the party’s over. They say all ghoul things must end. But first let the ghoul times roll one gleeful last time with these 13 terrorific tales based on those classic moldy-but-goodie horror comics from back when. Among the die-lights: Natasha Richardson is a lawyer planning a Fatal Caper, Ewan McGregor gets down and zombie for a Cold War and Daniel Craig finds out how the sneaky, freaky ad biz really works in Smoke Wrings. Well, time’s up. Past our deadtime. Never say die, kiddies (although we just did). It’s the final season!

TRAP: Lightyear

Nicole is trapped. She’s caught in an abusive marriage that brings new meaning to the phrase ”til death do us part.’ Her only friend, an on-line pal named Amy, admonishes Nicole to kill her husband before he does her in first. Nicole reluctantly agrees. She murders her husband and flees for Amy’s distant home-and sanctuary. But Amy is not what she seems: cruel and manipulative, she toys with anyone in reach. She’s entrapped her own spouse, Chandler, and driven him half-mad with her constant taunting and humiliations. Amy doesn’t realize how desperate Chandler has become. Award-winning short filmmaker James Bonner’s feature film debut was shot over a frigid Michigan winter with a team of dedicated local talent. TRAP is an artful horror that explores the place where salvation, love and insanity come crashing together; where four people go in-and only one comes out.


Directed by, co-written by and starring David Arquette, this classic horror movie revolves around a group of friends who escape to a modern-day Woodstock concert for a weekend of debauchery, only to be stalked by a homicidal maniac determined to finish what he started years earlier.


A group of three friends come across a car accident. They stop to help, but can’t seem to find any victims. They search the nearby woods, finding nothing. The spot a light from a nearby house, and decide to go to the house to call for help. But they find the house empty as well. Puzzled, and a little uneasy, they decide to return to their vehicle. But the woods are dark, too dark, and they can’t find their car. Having no other choice, the three sleep over in the house and wait for the morning light… But during the night, strange things start to happen around the house. They try to leave, but suddenly one of them refuses. Gradually they realize that something unknown, something darker than the night, watches them, waits for them, and will have them before daylight returns…