Duo to Topline Stage 6′s ‘The Lodger’ Remake

Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2, Species) and Hope Davis (Flatliners) will star in David Ondaatje’s The Lodger for Stage 6 Films, the newly formed division of Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group. The film is a reimagining of the Marie Belloc Lowndes novel that served as the basis for Alfred Hitchcock’s debut pic, 1927′s “The Lodger.” Ondaatje-penned script, set in present-day Los Angeles, has two converging plotlines: The first involves a cat-and-mouse game between a troubled detective (Molina) and an unknown killer; the second explores the relationship between an emotionally disturbed landlady (Davis) and her enigmatic “lodger.” Shooting will begin next month in Los Angeles. No decision on whether “Lodger” will be released theatrically will be made until after it is completed.

Source: Variety