WIN Anchor Bay’s Uncut ‘Hatchet’ on DVD!

Coming to DVD on December 18 from Anchor Bay Entertainment is the uncut release of Hatchet (review, DVD review), which is jam-packed with extra goodies. We’ve been provided with three copies of the new release just for you guys to win! So if you’re already planning on picking it up for a friend for the holidays, now you can enter to win your own… read on to see how.

Win Hatchet on DVD!

When a motley crew of tourists on a Haunted Swamp Tour wind up stranded, their night of comedic spooks quickly roller-coasters into a horrific nightmare as they struggle to escape the swamp alive…and with all of their pieces. A spectacular throwback to 80’s horror and the film that’s been bringing audiences to their feet at film festival’s worldwide, HATCHET is filled with laughs, scares, and over-the-top death sequences you’ll have to see to believe.

Want to win one of three copies of the Unrated Cut on DVD? Then all you have to do is put HATCHET DVD in the subject line and then e-mail me the following at

-Your full name
-Full address
-Have you seen the movie?
-If so, what did you think?
-If you haven’t why do you want to see it?
-Why do you want this DVD inparticular?

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Winners chosen at random on December 20th

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