‘Frontier(s)’ Is Coming In NC-17, How Many of You Are Lucky?

If you live in NY; LA; Chicago; Philadelphia; Dallas; DC; Houston; Phoenix; Atlanta; Boston; Seattle or Austin it’s time to celebrate because After Dark Films is gearing up for their NC-17 release of the insane French horror film, Frontier(s) (review, trailer), which we’ve been raving about since this past September (when I saw it TWICE). We learned this morning that the film will hit limited theaters in these cities May 2-5 where you lucky dawgs will be treated to neo-Nazi madness. While an extreme right-wing candidate advances to the second ballot of the presidential election, a group of young armed robbers holes up in a backwoods inn. The inn is located in an old mining wasteland, and its managers are a particularly sordid lot (to wit, (neo-)Nazi cannibals).