BD’s Little Photoshop Of Horrors!

We’re going to start up a new and hopefully recurring feature here called BD’s Little Photoshop Of Horrors. How does it work? Simple.. I’m sure you’ve seen this on other sites before (SA), we’ll give a topic and you guys will submit your photoshops. Once it’s over the best will be featured on the site and we’ll give you a new topic to start over with. Read on for this round’s topic and how to submit your photoshopThis rounds topic:
Turning Non-Horror Movies Horror

In other words, take any movie poster or dvd cover from outside the horror genre and turn it into a horror movie. To enter post your images in our forums and the best will be featured on BD’s front page. Let’s see what you’ve got!


FYI, if you don’t have at least 10 posts in the forums it won’t let you insert an image… but go ahead and post it in the thread anyways and a moderator will approve it.

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