Uncut Trailer Debut For Warner’s ‘Otis’

Over at IGN you can check out the world premiere uncut trailer for Warner Home Video’s Otis, which will open SXSW next month before arriving on DVD. The authorities are baffled. A half-a-dozen strikingly beautiful teenage girls have disappeared, only to be discovered a month later — murdered and mutilated almost beyond recognition. When a new victim, 16-year-old high school cheerleader Riley Lawson (Ashlee Johnson), finds herself trapped and tortured in a basement prison by the psychopath Otis (Bostin Christopher), she resolves to do WHATEVER she has to in order to stay alive. By chance she escapes and Riley informs her relieved parents (Daniel Stern and Illeana Douglas) and younger brother (Jared Kusnitz) where she was held. Bypassing the FBI agent (Jere Burns) assigned to the case, the Lawson’s conspire to take their revenge and kill the madman who kidnapped their daughter… but circumstances begin to spin beyond their control when Otis’s brother (Kevin Pollack) arrives on the scene.

Source: IGN