Berlin Festival: Review For Lordi’s ‘Dark Floors’

This evening B-D stringer Michael Panduro sent us in another review all the way from the Berlin Film Festival, this time for Lordi’s highly anticipated feature film, Dark Floors, which we’re told might not make it here to the States for a long time. “Even though it’s plastered in heavy clichés and predictable plot-twists, has no sense of mood or tempo and features some of the least scary monsters ever to grace the silver screen, it’s still remarkably entertaining. It balances on a razor’s edge with a serious, bordering pretentious, storyline on one side and those goofy-looking Lordi-monsters on the other. Well played, ironic horror-comedy or a serious, bloody misfire? You’ll have to judge for yourself.” Click the title for the full review and also check here to see what Twitch Film had to say.

Source: Review here