Get Ready for a Slice of ‘The Devil’s Pies!’

The IT girl of horror, TIFFANY SHEPIS; star of NIGHTMARE MAN, THE HAZING, CORPSES, BLOODY MURDER 2, ABOMINABLE, the upcoming BONNIE AND CLYDE VS. DRACULA, the upcoming DARK REEL, and over 45 other films, is proud to announce the start of her new production company NIGHTMARE WORKS SKG with partners Rolfe Kanefsky and Esther Goodstein. The company will be officially launched with the start of production this June of Tiffany Shepis’ directorial debut of THE DEVIL’S PIES, a splatter comedy/horror flick. Read on for the skinny!Executive producer, Glen Tackett, (FLIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and the upcoming 6 million dollar Tucson feature, TUCSON ON ICE) is excited to team up with NIGHTMARE WORKS SKG on their first feature film.

Tim Seeley creator of the hit comic Hack Slash and upcoming Rogue Pictures film of the same title has jumped on board to create Shepis’ virgin eating demonic creature from hell.

Screenplay by Rolfe Kanefsky, writer/director of NIGHTMARE MAN, THE HAZING, THERE’S NOTHING OUT THERE, JACQUELINE HYDE, and writer of the recent Pamela Anderson/Denise Richards comedy BLONDE AND BLONDER, THE DEVIL’S PIES tells the story of two beautiful dumb blondes who get accepted into the hottest sorority on campus only to be chosen as virgin sacrifices for a demonic creature that the sorority sisters worships for their continual wealth, beauty, and power.

Partner/Producer Esther Goodstein, NIGHTMARE MAN, PRETTY COOL TOO, and the upcoming thriller ONE IN THE GUN, will supervise the production with Rolfe Kanefsky and Tiffany Shepis, who also promises to step in front of the camera once again in a sexy role on this latest production.

Casting for all the sexy sorority sisters will begin immediately and every aspiring actress/scream queen/stripper(?) is invited to submit themselves for the “EAT ME! I WANT TO BE A PIE!” casting contest that will be announced shortly on the official movie website

THE DEVIL’S PIES will be shooting in Tucson, Arizona this June and everyone is invited to party down with the Pies.