Casting Replacement For ‘Terminator Salvation’

Charlotte Gainsbourg is being replaced in McG’s Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins by Bryce Dallas Howard who is quickly building her resume in Hollywood by starring in THE VILLAGE, LADY IN THE WATER and SPIDER-MAN 3. Gainsbourg was originally set to play Kate Connor, the wife of human resistance hero John Connor, played by Christian Bale. The actress had to bow out because of scheduling conflicts with another film, a French comedy. Production on the fourth film in the franchise is now underway in New Mexico. If an actors strike were to happen, shooting would stop and then restart at a later date, potentially butting heads with the French film.
The film is about John Connor, now in his 30s and soon to be wife Kate Brewster realize they must create a resistance organization with Earth’s remaining survivors against the army of robots slowly being built up by Skynet. As they are building this resistance, one survivor happens to be a traitor in disguise, and has a secret that nobody would ever come to suspect.