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Twisted Pictures Announces Online Horror Series ‘VLOG’



Earlier this week we broke the news about some crazy videos that were posted on a IP via The e-mail we received told us of a user who was posting links to videos of people dying in the comments of a Break user named Brooke Marks. After Marks was rumored to be dead, that was when people started to pay attention… well as we guessed, this was all part of an elaborate viral marketing campaign for a project by Twisted Pictures entitled VLOG, which was written and directed by Joshua Butler. B-D reader ‘Cinefreak7’ and ‘Fern’ found this link that carries a trailer for the online series, which features star Brooke Marks being hunted by an internet killer. Bookmark that page for updates on future episodes and if you missed out on some “death” previews, click here for details on how to watch them. The film will be released in 18 segments, with a new episode daily for the next few week.
“VLOG” TRAILER – Watch more free videos


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