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First ‘Don’t Look Up’ Pics, Eli Roth Cameo?

This evening the first behind-the-stills images were posted online from Don’t Look Up, two of which reveal horror director Eli Roth in a cameo scene. An idea from the mind of THE RINGS’ Hideo Nakata, DON’T LOOK UP is the story of a film crew that goes insane after ghosts from the past attach themselves to their film stock. Henry Thomas (“E.T. The Extra Terrestrial,” “Legends of the Fall”) and Kevin Corrigan (“Pineapple Express,” “The Departed”) star, and Fruit Chan directs the horror film. Read on for your first look at 11 behind-the-scene stills that feature all sorts of craziness (there’s a bloody birth scene, that much is known for sure).Click the pic below for all images:



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