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SpookyDan Talks ‘Repo!’ With Paris Hilton



Last night writer-director Darren Lynn Bousman hosted a record release party for the Repo! The Genetic Opera soundtrack, which becomes available for purchase on September 30th (get details here). In attendance were stars Bill Moseley, Alexa Vega and even Paris Hilton, who took some time out of her night to sit down and chat with SpookyDan about the horror musical, which hits limited theaters November 7th. Read on for the skinny,Paris Hilton, Good Charlotte and SpookyDan talk REPO!, and industrial music!

While working for Bloody-Disgusting, I often get to meet a lot of cool people. Sometimes strange things happen when our horror world intersects with mainstream pop culture. Last night in West Hollywood was the record release party for the REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA soundtrack, which streets on September 30th.

While at the fiasco, we were lucky enough to chat with star Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Benji Madden (of the band Good Charlotte) about REPO!, Industrial music, and what horror films she likes!

Paris talked a bit about why she thinks everyone should check out REPO!.

It’s like a movie you have never seen before,” she tells SpookyDan. “It’s fun, sexy, scary, and HOT. The CD is certainly not a typical Paris Hilton CD. Amber Sweet is a very twisted human being, and you must see her!

In the film, Amber Sweet’s character has to wear a lot of prosthetics, Hilton talked a bit about the experience.

I had a lot of make up on everyday. It depended because in every scene I look different from the next. One day I had my face completely tore off and looked like Freddy Krueger, that took like five hours! It was a lot of fun. I always have been offered roles where I would play an airhead, the typical dumb blonde roll. With Repo it was the first time being offered something else, I love horror films, I love the SAW films. So it was amazing that he [director Darren Bousman] would consider me for a roll like this.

Before auditioning for the role of Amber Sweet, Hilton read the script, which she says was a weird experience.

It’s very weird when you are reading it. I have a creative mind, I trusted his [Bousman’s] vision. I have read a million scripts that suck, and this one was actually cool! It has a great story and a heart to it, even though it has a lot of blood and guts, its funny to at times. And the music is great!

Benji Madden chimes in about the possibilities of collaborating with Paris, which is slim to none.

We keep that kind of separate, but we definatly influence each other’s work, she listens to everything I do and I listen to everything she does, we are more behind the scenes with our musical tastes. When I met her, she had already finished this film, and because of the music and subject matter, its been great to share (different kinds of) music with her. She can actually wrap her brain around Cradle of Filth, Covenant, Wumpscut and VNV Nation, but she had never really been around this environment before. Now I am always making her mix CDs of Industrial and some darker metal.

I like it a lot, but I had never heard it before,” Paris adds. “I didn’t even know who Skinny Puppy was before REPO!. But now, because Ogre plays my brother in the film, I wanted to check them out. Just being a part of REPO! has introduced to so much new music!

Madden continues, “We will turn the lights down, light some candles and listen to Skinny Puppy. One of my Favorite songs of all time is by a band called Assemblage 23, when I played it for her she freaked. She really loved it. It made me so happy. And Paris doing this movie was a big part of her grasping the industrial scene, the music can be kind of a shock, But Repo certainly helped her open her mind to it. A lot of people didn’t grow up with industrial, I was lucky to have an older brother and friends who turned me onto a lot of it.

Continuing on industrial music, Madden talks about maybe an industrial direction for Good Charlotte…

Well, Stephan for Apoptygma Berzerk is one of my best friends, he has already done like three remixes for us now. I sang on the new Apop record that he is working on now. We are going to work on some stuff together, but I think we have to be realistic for what our fans will accept. You can hear on (our last) CD that we dip our toes in it, and sneak some programming in there. I feel like we would piss the scene off a little bit if we went heavily in that direction. I am a closet industrial kid, and I don’t really feel like having industrial kids give me shit because, well we play pop music. There are some bands out there that are doing great things for the scene, like AFI. But a lot of people hate on them because they want to feel like its their own, and don’t want to share it. But I think it’s great what they are doing. Its kind of like what the punk bands did for bands like us, just opening the doors musically for us.

Back to horror, Hilton tells us that she’s always been a fan of horror films…

I just love scary movies. Obviously SAW and the old ELM STREET movies. That Jason dude with the mask from FRIDAY THE 13TH.

Before she left Mr. Disgusting grabbed Paris for a minute where she confirmed rumors that she would be very much interested in working on a sequel to REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA. She tells us that it will all depend on how successful this film is (obviously) and that she would like to do something different than the solo CD she just completed. Watch for more on this soon.

Paris Hilton plays Amber Sweet in the upcoming horror rock-opera REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA, which opens in November.

Click here to learn how to purchase the entire soundtrack on September 30th.


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