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Spierig Brothers Talk ‘Daybreakers’ Theatrical Release!

The other day a new interview was posted with Vince Colosimo, one of the stars of Lionsgate’s vampire pic Daybreakers. Within the news post, it was reported that the film was pushed back until 2009, while questioning whether or not the film will hit theaters (considering the bulk of LGF horror is going straight-to-disc). Directors Peter and Michael Spierig got in touch with B-D to update the status of the film, which you can read inside.
We wanted to update you on the status of DAYBREAKERS,” the Spierig brothers write into B-D. “Yes it’s true that the film has been delayed until 2009, this is simply because the ’08 slate is so full, and yes it will be a theatrical release.

“It’s been a long and tiring post production process, but it has been completely worth it. We are incredibly proud of the film and feel like we have made something really different for the genre. The information that has been released so far is just a snippet of what the film is all about. Lionsgate have been incredibly supportive of us and our intentions for the picture. To put it simply, the studio loves the movie and wants to see it released correctly, so it’s about finding the right date. We can’t wait for you guys to see it, we know the delay is frustrating, but we can assure you the reasons have nothing to do with the film being in trouble, in fact quite the opposite, it’s about giving DAYBREAKERS every opportunity to be successful.

In the film, it is 2016, and it has been 10 years since the plague transformed ordinary people into Vampires dependent on human blood for survival. As the human race nears extinction and the Vampire population grows desperate for blood, a group of rebel Vampires battle military forces to save the last vestiges of humanity.

Pictured: Peter and Michael Spierig



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