Scream 08: 'Saw V' Director's Cut, What About 'Saw VII'? - Bloody Disgusting!

Scream 08: ‘Saw V’ Director’s Cut, What About ‘Saw VII’?

While at the Scream Awards after party we caught up with Saw V director David Hackl who has just returned from a trip to Japan to promote the latest SAW film, which arrives in theaters October 24th. He tells us that he can’t wait for his director’s cut to hit DVD next year as it’ll have tons more gore and scenes arranged in different order. The director’s cut is also approximately 14 minutes longer (give or take). In addition, we asked around to all of the SAW related attendees who all say, “SAW VII? Let’s worry about the sixth film first….” Kevin Greutert is directing Saw VI for Lionsgate.