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Boyle’s Formerly Titled ’28 Months Later’

During a press junket for SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE earlier this week, director Danny Boyle revealed that he’d be interested in directing the third installment of the 28 DAYS LATER franchise he created. Something new has surfaced over at MTV (who took a break from covering TWILIGHT, finally), apparently Boyle is getting sick of the movie being called 28 MONTHS LATER.Only, seriously people, Boyle laughed, stop calling it “28 Months Later”!

It don’t think it will be called ‘28 Months Later,’ that’s all I can say,” Boyle insisted of the sequel, remaining maddeningly coy on other details, reports MTV.

The first film in the series explored the aftereffects of a viral outbreak on London. The second film focused on what happened when the military tried to repopulate the area after presumably containing the threat. The third film? Who knows, Boyle said, revealing that he has an idea but that nothing is set in stone.

I mean, it’s absolutely not written yet, but there’s a prospect of an idea and the way these ideas start is you just suddenly get a little glimpse,” Boyle confessed.

What else? Not to go all Columbo on you here at the end, but Boyle, well, he does have just one more thing he wants from you: for the love of all that is holy, stop calling his infected monsters zombies.

There was an article in the paper the other day by Simon Pegg. He wrote this article begging people to let zombies stumble again and not run. He was trying to turn the tide back because everyone has zombies running now. He’s like, ‘No, please. Can we go back to the old days when you knew you could get away from them?’ That was sort of the thrill. These idiots didn’t lock themselves in car and died,” Boyle laughed. “That’s why I keep saying, ‘It’s not a zombie movie, everyone. It’s not a zombie movie!’ Because the aficionados – it’s sacrilegious what you’re doing by changing things like that. They’re infected. They’re not zombies.



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