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Genre Screenwriter Brings Monsters to ‘Dark Island’

Fans of Broken, The Devil’s Chair and Blood River get ready for more from screenwriter Simon Boyes as Bloody-Disgusting has learned that he’ll be taking a small break from working with Adam Mason to bring us Dak Island, a new horror film that continues shooting in Los Angeles next week. Beyond the break you can get the inside scoop on the movie, watch this spot for more as it comes in.In Dark Island five members of a pseudo-militaristic scientific expedition were sent to a remote island for weapons testing, until the weapon got out of hand.

We got in touch with Simon who gives us some more depth into the project.

The movie’s directed by Niko Pueringer and Sam Gorski,” he tells us. “They’ve actually shot the bulk of the movie already up in Canada but they’re casting for a couple of new scenes that they’re shooting around LA.

He continues, “I got involved because I saw a couple of movies these guys did while they were still at college and they were super ambitious ideas (one was an anime inspired movie about a giant monster attacking a city) and the movies were loads of fun and well put together. The effects work they did on those for the money was insane and really impressive. I think all they needed was someone to give them a shot with a bigger budget, and when Patrick Ewald at Epic Pictures decided to put up the money I was keen to get involved and work with them on a fun script, and really see what they could do with it.

While Dark Island is a monster movie, it’s also very sci-fi.

It’s a sci-fi infused, effects driven monster movie, the kind of genre people usually steer clear of when they make super low budget movies, but that’s what was so cool about the concept, the ambition to make a movie like this on a limited budget.” He continues talking about taking chances in the indie world of filmmaking, “I’ve been moaning for ages that in the low budget world no-one takes a chance on a different genre, and although this could definitely fall into the wider realms of horror, it’s really quite different from your usual low budget fare.

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