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Update: Warner Announces a Trio of Blu-ray Horror Releases!

Update: Creepshow will also be released on the same day. Warner Home Video has announced that they’ll be releasing a trio of horror on Blu-ray September 8th. Beyond the break you can check out the cover art and full specs for New Line Cinema’s reboot of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), the battle between FReddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees in Freddy vs Jason (the Canadian Blu-ray is beautiful!) and the Samuel Jackson starrer Snakes on a Plane. Which one are you most excited for (if any)?

Synopsis: The slicer versus the slasher? Two titans of terror going at it mano-a-machete? They’re gonna kill each other a lot! The horror (and wicked fun) begins when Freddy realizes he can’t haunt dreams because folks no longer fear him. So he enlists Jason to do a little killing on his behalf on Elm Street. Presto, the fear is back – and so is Freddy. One problem: Jason isn’t about to stop offing people. And another: Freddy isn’t about to let Jason rule Elm Street. This means war. Freddy Vs. Jason. Winner kills all.

Special Features:

• Commentary by Director Ronny Yu, Robert Englund (Freddy) and Ken Kirzinger (Jason) • Deleted/Alternate Scenes Including the Original Opening and Ending • Featurette Gallery Covering the Film’s Development, Art Direction, Makeup Effects, Stuntwork and More • Visual Effects Exploration with the Creative Team • Storyboards and Production Art Galleries • Publicity/Promotion Vignettes • Ill Niño How Can I Live Music Video • Theatrical Trailer & TV Spots


Synopsis: Get help! That’s a good idea when carefree friends traveling the back roads of Texas run into trouble. So they ask for assistance at an eerie, ramshackle farmhouse. That’s a bad idea – one that cranks up the whirring, ripping terror of this fear-choked re-imagining of the cult fave The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Producer Michael Bay (Transformers), director Marcus Nispel (2009’s Friday the 13th) and their filmmaking team bring edgy contemporary style to a gory frightmare. Jessica Biel leads the cast of roadtrippers who must battle the spinning steel of monstrous Leatherface. Join them for a savage game of hide and shriek.

Special Features • 3 Commentaries on Production, Story and Technical Aspects with Producer Michael Bay, Director Marcus Nispel, Stars Jessica Biel and Eric Balfour and More • Alternate Opening and Ending • Severed Parts Deleted Scenes Featurette • Comprehensive Feature-Length Documentary Chainsaw Redux: Making a Massacre, Chronicling the Movie’s Origins, Casting and Production • Ed Gein: The Ghost of Plainfield – Shocking Profile of the Real-Like Killer That Inspired the Movie • Screen Tests of Jessica Biel, Eric Balfour and Erica Leerhsen • Motograter Suffocate Music Video • Trailers & TV Spots


Synopsis: A red-eye 747 flight out of Hawaii swooshes along at 30,000 feet toward L.A. Suddenly, there’s no pilot. Later, there’s no co-pilot. There are, however, snakes – hissing, slithering, attacking, venomous snakes. A crime boss has subverted security and planted the reptiles in order to bring the plane down, along with a witness slated to testify against the mobster in L.A. Can the FBI agent (Samuel L. Jackson) guarding the witness rally what’s left of the crew and passengers for a reptilian rumble in the jumbo? Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy fight.

Special Features • Commentary by Samuel L. Jackson, Director David R. Ellis and Others • Blooper Reel • Deleted Scenes • Cobra Starship Snakes on a Plane (Bring It) Music Video, Including Behind-the-Scenes • Featurette Gallery: • Pure Venom: The Making of Snakes on a Plane • Meet the Reptiles • Visual Effects • Snakes on a Blog • Theatrical Trailers & TV Spots



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