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SDCC ’09: What’s the Plan For the ‘Mother’s Day’ Remake?



At the San Diego Comic Con we caught up with Darren Lynn Bousman, director of Saw II-IV and Repo! The Genetic Opera, who was on hand to announce his new comic-to-screen venture Abattoir (read more about it here). Below the break you can read our exclusive interview where he talks about Mother’s Day, his remake of the classic Troma movie going into production this September.We are in active preproduction in Winnipeg,” Bousman tels Bloody-Disgusting. “Production designer has started, storyboards are being drawn, casting well underway! We go to camera September 7th.

He talks a bit about how this is going to be way different than the original Troma film from 1980. “This film is more along the lines of Cape Fear. The original 1980 Mother’s Day was a movie for its time. I love it. But that movie would not work now. The thing about the original is everyone has copied, stolen, and borrowed from it countless times,” he explains talking about his intent to make something original. “I am not one to rehash, or retread the same idea. What I loved about the original film was the psychology of this crazy mother and the power she had over her two out of control sons. There was a lot of social statements hidden in that film. It was actually quite brilliant. We are doing a modern version of that with this script. It’s darker, more fucked up, more out of control. While it’s its own movie, there are tons of similarities to the original film. You can bet the farm, Mother, Ike and Addley are up to some sick shit…this is not the 1980 Charlie Kaufman’s version!

The screenplay was written by Scott Milam, who is a long time friend of Bousmans. “Scott is one of my favorite writers. We have been working on numerous projects over the last couple of years. When Mother’s Day was brought to us, we used a lot of the ideas from various projects that never got made. What that turned into was one of the most fucked up and intense scripts I have read. Scott and I were both fans of the original so it was easy to use our ideas and shape them into what would become Mother’s Day. Scott and I work very well together. Mother’s Day is only the first of a long line of Milam/Bousman projects,” he reveals.

So the question remains, is this going to be fun, violent or both?

My hope is a mixture of both. This is very dark material. But, that being said, it’s about the Mother and her murderous children; the concept itself is pretty funny, so there will be a mixture of dark humor. The original film was equally horrific as it was funny. I think we are aiming to be a little darker…

Bousman tells B-D that the plan is to release Mother’s Day in theaters on Mother’s Day in 2010.


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