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The Weinstein Company’s Woes Continue

Out here in Los Angeles it’s no secret that The Weinstein Company is in trouble, in fact, nearly everyone I know was watching to see how both The Inglorius Basterds and Halloween II would perform, because a flop could have easily meant the demise of an empire. While the flop of the Tarantino/Rodriguez project Grindhouse started the ball rolling downhill, it’s sounding more and more like there’s nothing that can stop it at this point. A new article over at Deadline Hollywood reports that the company has begun firing more staff, a surefire sign that things are not well. And while Basterds was a success, Universal shares in the profits. The Road premieres in Toronto, and from the movie I saw, they are in some serious, serious trouble. Click the link above or below to read what Nikki Finke has to say about the matter.



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