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UPDATE: Milla Jovovich Twitter Onslaught from the Set of ‘Afterlife’

Update: Click here for some behind-the-scenes paparazzi pics. We reported earlier this week that Resident Evil: Afterlife star Milla Jovovich was tweeting from set in Toronto, Canada. While this is a new trend among directors and stars, we want to give some serious props to Jovovich, who is returning as Alice once again, for her consistency thus far. Fans of the franchise (and Milla) should check out @millajovovich for dozens upon dozens of tweets. My personal favorite, “wow, ali larter’s ass looks amazing in her costume!” Click the link and start following! Resident Evil: Afterlife is being helmed by Paul W.S. Anderson for 3-D release on August 27, 2010.Milla Jovovich



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