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‘Last House on the Left’ Director Now ‘Dead@17’

While Trick ‘r Treat‘s Michael Dougherty was originally attached to the project, MTV got the scoop that The Last House on the Left director Dennis Iliadis will be getting behind the camera for a live-action adaptation of Josh Howard’s comic series Dead@17. In the book published in 2005, Nara Kilday is killed, and finds herself mysteriously revived. She discovers she has to prevent the coming of Bolabogg, a demonic lord. This series also introduces Hazy Foss, her best friend, and Elijah, a friend of the two girls who Nara has a crush on. The mysterious Noel appears, who helps the three fight hordes of undead and other monstrosities. Nara banishes Bolabogg back to his realm.



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