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Ciril Koshyk’s ‘Rottenbury Drive’ Goes 3D

On April 29, 2010 in Los Angeles, California, at 11th Polish Film Festival Opening Gala night, the first public interview took place with crew/cast for the upcoming thriller/horror Rottenbury Drive revealing details including a 3D version. In this exclusive interview with Ciril Koshyk (director/producer), Jake Pulensky (associated producer), and lead actor – Pierre Du Lat they addressed the Polish and European fans of thriller/horror genre, promising that this film will bring a “one of it’s kind” experience.Koshyk says: “…We are considering 3D technology to be involved as well in this production, but NOT to be the main importance, only to improve greater immersion, stronger emotional connection on the screen events with the viewers. The key elements for me, are… distinct style, atmosphere, music, detailed sound, weather all influential elements, which will make it memorizable…”

Ciril Koshyk was spotted at the festival with Monika Spruch, a beautiful Polish actress and top model, possibly involved in “Rottenbury Drive” film production, however no exact details where given.

The film “Rottenbury Drive” (Tag line: “Strangers Are All Around Us”) will be released sometime in second half of 2010, due complex 3D filming technique and post-production. The demographics of its audience will be as diverse as their fears.

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