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SD Comic Con ’10: ‘Cabin in the Woods’ NOT 3D, Abrams on Spielberg



Entertainment Weekly caught up with J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon at the San Diego Comic-Con where they both took turns talking about their upcoming projects. Whedon, who announced he would be directing The Avengers movie, talked about the 3D transfer of The Cabin in the Woods (hilarious stuff), while Abrams was pretty tight-lipped on his Steven Spielberg collaboration Super 8. More inside.After Abrams joked, “I tried to wedge my way into Cabin [in the Woods],”, Whedon talked a bit about the 3D conversion and how they might make it the only horror film NOT in 3D.

He explained to EW that the 3D thing came because MGM looked at the schedule and saw every horror movie was going to be in 3D for the next couple of years. While it still might happen, they’re actually thinking of making Cabin the only horror movie that’s NOT in 3D! He also stated that he thinks Drew Goddard (the director) film is in your face, as he studied John Carpenter, and made it almost a little old fashioned.

As for Abrams and his top secret Super 8 project, he explained that working with Spielberg is awesome.

Its surreal as hell, working on something that has a genre element to it,” he tells EW. “Its impossible to do it with him and not reference his film. You can’t talk about it without talking about what he’s done.

When I had this idea for a movie, he [Spielberg] was the first person I called. Then it took about a year until I realized I didn’t know what the hell I was doing and that I needed a whole new component to it.” Who better to ask than Spielberg?

While the Super 8 secrets will stay in a vault until next summer, Paramount is giving Comic-Con attendees Popsicles courtesy of Rocket Poppeteers (part of the viral campaign).


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