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‘Let Me In’ Viral Arrives at My House, Can You Crack the Morse Code?

This afternoon I received a postcard from the Otowi Station Science Museum in Los Alamos, New Mexico. I called and confirmed that Hammer and Overture Films’ Let Me In was filming in the area. The only horror project that I’m aware of that filmed in that location was Oren (Paranormal Activity) Peli’s Area 51. I expect that this is the first of many viral goodies. What was interesting was what was written on the card — Morse Code that I literally just spent 45 minutes trying to crack. I was hoping to pop on here with the reveal, but have failed miserably. The coding is too close together making it quite difficult to break. Below you’ll find the scans, maybe you’ll have better luck? I’m counting on you guys to help me out, otherwise I might go insane. The Matt (Cloverfield) Reeves directed Let Me In arrives in theaters October 1.Area 51

I typed it out for you already:

.. / –..- …- / -… . / –.— -.. /
.–. -.. / .-.. .. …- .– .– /
— .-. /…- .- -.– /
.–. -.. / -.. .. . .-.-.-

Area 51



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