It Seems Zombie Games are Coming Our Way!

Being someone who spends far to much time in front of his Playstation 2, usually playing San Andreas, I am pleasantly surprised that today a game based on George Romero’s passion is going to be coming to us thanks in part to a developer Kuju Entertainment. It seems the game will be out sometime in 2006 and will be available on several platforms. Inside you can read the full news for yourself, so get ready to put on your zombie killing hat.
Gamespot reports,

Hip Interactive today announced that it has signed a deal with developer Kuju Entertainment to publish an upcoming game based on the works of horror-film director George A. Romero. The unnamed project is scheduled for release in 2006 for the PC and consoles, though no specific platfprms have been announced.

Romero is best known for his film Night of the Living Dead, a chilling tale of zombies with a hunger for human flesh. The 1968 film redefined the horror genre and spawned two sequels, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead, as well as multiple remakes.

Kuju is banking on Romero’s reputation as a cult horror icon to deliver a gory game that horror-game lovers can feast on.

“Our spines are tingling in anticipation,” said Ian Baverstock, cofounder of Kuju. “George A. Romero is recognized as one of the leading directors in the horror world. We’re excited to be translating the zombies and terror created in George’s imagination into an atmospheric gorefest for game players.”

We’ll have more on the Romero horror title soon.

Source: Gamespot