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‘Chain Letter’ Passed Onto DVD/Blu-ray February 1

Electronic mail. Cell-phone texting. Unthinkable a generation ago, these technological marvels are considered by many as life-saving devices. But what if these contributions become an instrument of murder – when your death is announced in the subject line? On February 1, Image Entertainment releases Chain Letter – a story of a deadly communiqué carrying a message of murder, if the recipient dares to break the chain. Where the “e” in e-mail could mean “execution,” after a national theatrical release, Chain Letter will be available on DVD in separately-available rated and unrated versions for an SRP of $27.97, on Blu-ray™ for an SRP of $29.97 as well as digital download. The unrated version contains new footage not seen in the theatrical release.Nikki Reed (Twilight, New Moon) stars as Jessie, a high-school student addicted to her laptop and cell phone – to every mode of cyber-speech. But suddenly this communication turns from amusement to menace. She and six of her friends become the subjects of a chain letter that is much more than the usual combination of annoyance and guilt. Arriving through e-mail and text message, the letter carries a threat: that if it is not passed on, the party to blame faces an unexpected, horrible death.

Unstoppable and barely believable…this is a message that cannot be deleted. But to forward this message on would ensure the death of a friend – does one save or be saved? As time runs out, the lethal letter’s instructions become more challenging – it is up to the survivors to find who is behind these deadly dispatches: before they are dispatched themselves.

Also starring Betsy Russell (Saw III – VI), Brad Dourif (Emmy® nominee, “Deadwood”) and Michael J. Pagan (“CSI Miami”) Chain Letter is a thriller in the terrifying tradition of The Grudge and the Final Destination films. It is where every link is a death, where each death forms a chain…and where anyone can be next.

Editor’s Note: Quote apparently was taken from this news story. Personally, I think this movie sucks.



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