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Faith Challenged in J.T. Petty’s ‘Hellbenders’

If you haven’t heard of J.T. Petty, you haven’t been paying attention. The NY native became a genre force after Lionsgate released The Burrowers, but his infamy comes behind the incredible Soft for Digging and S&Man, which finally got a release last year thanks to Magnet. Also known for directing the Rear Window-inspired Mimic: Sentinel, Petty is gearing up for his fifth genre effort that’ll put your faith to the test.

The crazy badass Clifton Collins (The Experiment, “The Event”) is set to star in Petty’s supernatural pic Hellbenders, which is about a secret group of elite demonologists in a Brooklyn diocese who battle a terrifying supernatural force that threatens their lives and faith. The horror comedy is said to be in the vein of classics such as The Exorcist and Ghostbusters.

The 3D film also stars Clancy Brown (The Burrowers, A Nightmare on Elm Street) and Dan Fogler (Hysterical Psycho) and goes into production next week.

The pic is based on a graphic novel written by Petty, who recently sold his spec, “Zombies vs. Robots” to Sony.Pictured: Dan Fogler

Dan Fogler



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