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‘Emily Rose’s Scott Derrickson Is Making a New Horror Movie



According to the LA Times, Insidious producer Jason Blum is working with Scott Derrickson on “a horror story with a crime at the center.

That’s all we know.

No title, plot, etc, but they plan to use Insidious‘ model of a low budget and scary story over big stars and pricey FX. Riveting, huh? So let’s use the rest of the space to talk about Derrickson’s output so far. Hellraiser: Inferno is probably the best of the DTV Hellraiser movies, which isn’t really saying much, but still worth noting (I like that it borrowed plot points from Nightbreed). I also think The Exorcism of Emily Rose is one of the best exorcism-based movies to come along since, you know, THE EXORCIST, but the less said about The Day The Earth Stood Still, the better.

So let’s hope this, whatever it is, is more like his “old stuff”.


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