'Kidnapped' Director's Post-Apocalyptic 'Welcome To Harmony': "'28 Days Later' Meets a John Carpenter Movie" - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Kidnapped’ Director’s Post-Apocalyptic ‘Welcome To Harmony’: “’28 Days Later’ Meets a John Carpenter Movie”



While speaking today with Spanish director Miguel Vivas, whose violent home-invasion horror/thriller Kidnapped is being released on VOD June 15th before going on to a limited theatrical release June 17th, we asked him about his upcoming post-apocalyptic horror film Welcome To Harmony, which focuses on a father and daughter who are the sole survivors of a brutal war that destroyed the planet. Find out what he had to say inside.

We are actually working on the second draft, we just finished the second draft of the script,” he told B-D. “It will be in English. It’s going to be a Spanish, French, and American co-production. We already have the Spanish and French producers on board, and we’re still finalizing the American component.

It is going to be a horror film in a post-apocalyptic setting. It’s going to be a film about friendship, about hatred, about connection, about sin, about love…about all those issues, but of course with monsters,” he continued. “After that we’re gonna see where it takes us [as far as taking on future projects]. But for the time being, I’m really committed to this project, I’m really working very hard on it, and I’m really happy about how it’s working out. I think it’s really coming together very nicely. It’s…a story told from the characters’ point of view. It will show what happens to them as they are concentrating on their own feelings. It is gonna be, in a way, ’28 Days Later’ meets a John Carpenter movie meets [John Boorman’s] ‘Hell in the Pacific’.

I mentioned that the project sounded very ambitious, but he downplayed the scope of the endeavor by offering this:

Of course, you can think it’s very ambitious, but in actuality it’s gonna be very pulled-together, very limited in scope, because it will be told from the point of view of the two characters that are the only two survivors after the Apocalypse,” he explained. “So the whole story will be told always from the way they see it. So we’ll make sure that it is not too out there. It is very confined.

Given the 28 Days Later comparison, I of course had to ask: is this gonna be another zombie movie? (Note: I get that the infected in that film aren’t technically “zombies”, but just for simplicity’s sake I framed the question that way.)

There will be a kind of zombie, but it will be sort of an evolution of the zombie,” he offered. “It will be kind of different than what we’re used to seeing.

Stay tuned to B-D for future updates on the project!


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