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Comic-Con ’11: More on Kevin Smith’s ‘Red State’ Panel

Just because our fearless leader Mr Disgusting likes Kevin Smith about as much as Southwest Airlines, that doesn’t mean the rest of the Bloody Disgusting crew share his resent-iment. And by the rest, I mean me. The filmmaker garnered a huge fan response at Comic Con on Saturday when he packed out Hall H at Comic Con for his annual Q&A and sneak peek at his horror flick Red State (review).

As well as showing a five-minute death scene and discussing the Westboro Baptists Church-inspired villains, Smith talked about his partner’s involvement in the flick. His wife of 10 years, Jennifer Schwalbac, has appeared in several of Smith’s films, mostly as a villain. Her cameo as a gun-wielding religious fundamentalist in ‘Red State’ was no exception, but Smith said this time he saw her darker side.She’s not anti-gun but she’s very gun control,” he said.

So I was like ‘you’ve got to go train and shot some automatic weaponry and then we’ll talk and figure out how to frame it (the shot).’

I came back on set and she hadn’t come back yet. All of lunch happens, I go shoot another scene and she’s still not back.

Later I’m sitting in the trailer and Jen comes in through the doorway with that light set up behind her and she’s just got that fucked walked to her.

She has a cigarette in her and is leaning in the doorway and I ask, ‘where were you?’

She’s like ‘shooting guns.’ ‘(Smith:) ‘Did you like it?’ And she goes ‘oh, too much. It was like a vibrator shooting bullets.

Smith said Jennifer’s scene in the film is one of his favorites because “I get to see her fire automatic weaponry at the Government over a cross.

I’m like, ‘that’s fucking hot!

‘Red State’ plays a two week run at Quentin Tarantino’s New Beverly Cinema, Los Angeles next month and stars John Goodman, Kyle Gallner, Michael Angarano and Melissa Leo. Smith also said he’s preparing to take out full-page ads to make sure “Goodman in particular” and some of the other key cast members have the best possible shot come awards scene.



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