'Resident Evil: Retribution's' Unknown Giant Creature - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Resident Evil: Retribution’s’ Unknown Giant Creature



I’m expecting a pretty huge movie considering how long they’ve been filming Resident Evil: Retribution. And even if it’s the norm for a big budget action-horror flick, it feels like an eternity in covering all of star Milla Jovovich’s tweets and video blogs. This morning she dropped a pretty big bomb via the following lengthy tweet:

Gmornin every1 where it’s morning! Gevening to all those where it’s evening! There’s a HUGE wire stunt 2day here at camp evil as guess what?! Im not allowed 2 do it! Aargh! It’s a 50 ft. Fly on a wire rig w a flip AND gunfire (sob) to kill a c, but the set is too tight and my incredible stunt double -Jo Anne Leach- has to land in2 crash pads 2 make it and the insurance company and my husband said Absolutely NOT. I’m bummed but there u go. Safety first.the sequence is gonna KILL tho n no matter what Jo is my girl and she’s THE BEST, so trust me when u c it in the film it will b overwhelmingly awe inspiring! That’s my news of the morning. Gotta get hair n make up on.

When she says “gynormous creature” I can only hope she means “a creature as tall as Godzilla”. After five Resident Evil films, it would be nice to see writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson think outside the box for once.


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