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‘The Evil Dead’ Gets Very Specific With More Story Details!

Evil Dead

Yesterday we learned that Ghost House/Mandate Pictures and Sony/FilmDistrict would be headed to New Zealand in March to begin filming Evil Dead, the remake of Sam Raimi’s 1981 The Evil Dead. Fede Alvarez directs from his own screenplay co-written with Rodo Sayagues. Revisions were done by Oscar-winning writer Diablo Cody (and I’m willing to bet her contributions were significant – you don’t pay that kind of money for a cosmetic touch-up).

The story centers on five friends holed up at a remote cabin where they discover a Book of the Dead with a demonic force unleashed possessing each until only one is left to fight for survival. As we exclusively reported, there is a drug subplot.

Now, we have even more details. Hit the jump to be slightly spoiled! Or more than slightly spoiled! There’s quite a bit you may want to avoid if you want to go in cold. A whole bunch of new info hit regarding the character dynamics of the group, and the vaguest of plot outlines is beginning to shake out from all of the disparate details.

First off the tone is apparently not quite as campy as before. This is apparently going for more straight-up scares a la The Shining.

What’s more? Here’s more.

Per Moviehole, “Mia and David, estranged siblings who have recently lost their mother (Mia’s taking it the hardest being that she’s the one who spent most days at the hospital watching her mother deteriorate) have reunited, along with some old friends and his David’s fiancee, for an intervention at THAT old cabin. As reported by Bloody Disgusting this week, It’s here that the near rehabilitated Mia (who has apparently already been cast) will also toss the last of her drugs down the well and finally go cold Turkey.

A big storm sets in. Everyone heads to the cabin. The book of the dead is found, and arrogant Eric (one of the friends along for the trip) takes the most interest in transcribing passages from it. Always the dicks that bring the trouble, right?

Meanwhile Mia struggles with her newly sober self — BIG TIME. She was going slightly loopy anyway from a recent overdose (one in which she technically died from but was brought back) so no surprise that Mia is the first and worst to go bananas. And no surprise either that nobody believes her crazy claims of coyote dogs and trees attacking her!

There’s more to the story, so head over to Moviehole to check it out!



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