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[EFM ’12] ‘The Mooring’ Drops Technology And Runs!



Out of EFM we caught wind of a new horror project from director Glenn Withrow entitled The Mooring. We’ve also got our hands on the trailer and official sales poster.

A group of gadget-addicted teenage girls come together in Idaho to work through a program run by psychologist Nancy. It’s a program about change, losing dependency on technology and forming real relationships. They set off up river in a houseboat, but are soon forced to moor and camp on a riverbank in the middle of nowhere. During the night, a strange, aggressive couple moors beside them, harassing the group. When the couple departs the next morning, Nancy decides to leave the girls briefly to get the boat fixed. The drifters return, setting out on a murderous rampage, hunting the girls down one-by-one through a thick, claustrophobic Idaho forest.

Hallie Todd, Thomas Wilson Brown, Karli Blalock, Anna Goodwin, Larissa Hayden, Lilli Hendrickson, Erin McIntosh, Olivia Meyer, Hailee Naccarato, Jessica Pepeli, Katie Simpson and Brooklyn Tate all star.


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