‘Crystal Lake Memories’ News Bits For Ya!

Lets face it, the Friday the 13th series are pivotal to our beloved genre. The original has spawned some great follow-ups like Friday the 13th: Part 6 and some not so great follow ups like Friday the 13th: Part 3, but good or bad you can not argue the fact that they have served a great purpose for horror. With that said, I will be first in line to pick up my copy of Crystal Lake Memories, a book covering the 25 years Jason Voorhees and all the chaos that pissed off goalie has caused. So with that it seems the boys over at Dread Central have got some news on the upcoming book, and you can check it out inside.
Dread Central reports,

Bracke’s endeavor chronicles twenty-five years of Jason Voorhees’ reign of terror over the span of twenty-five years and eleven films. The author tracked down various cast and crew members involved in the series and will blend their recollections with a gallery of stills (some never-before-seen). For full details, you can check out the book’s site here.

We’ve learned in a recent announcement that Memories will hit shelves October 24th. Sign up for the newsletter at the site linked to above and you’ll be given an opportunity to place a pre-order for an exclusive signed autographed copy in September. Also, Friday producer Sean S. Cunningham has also agreed to contribute a foreward for the book!

Source: Dread Central