Tartan Makes Two Huge DVD Announcements!

Tartan Home video has made two great DVD announcements this morning, the first is everyone dying to see the Korean film A Tale of Two Sisters (review) will finally be able to pick up the DVD here in the US on March 29th. Also coming to DVD is Koma on March 8th. For the press releases on both films read on, or click the links above for the quick buzz…

Fairy Tales Have Never Been This Grimm

Lauded by Theatrical Film Critics & One of the World’s Top-10 Highest Grossing Horror Films in 2004

Tartan Asia Extreme’s ‘A Tale of Two Sisters
In Stores Nationwide March 29th

LOS ANGELES – March 1, 2005 – A haunting and terrifying tale of guilt, ghosts and sheer madness, this Korean pinnacle of the Asian horror genre, A Tale of Two Sisters, will be released on DVD, March 29th on Tartan Video’s Asia Extreme label.

Both stylish and shocking, this visually arresting film about family secrets and uncertain realities is based on a traditional Korean folk tale. Guaranteed to have you gasping for breath with each successive scare, you’ll be kept guessing until the very end.

Directed by Kim Jee-woon, A Tale of Two Sisters won “Best Actress,” “Best Director” and “Best Film” at the 2004 International Film Fantasy Awards and the “Grand Jury Prize” at the 2004 Gerardmer Film Festival. Lauded by theatrical film critics from coast to coast, the film was named one of the top-10 highest grossing horror films worldwide in 2004 by Screen International.

Following in the steps of The Ring and The Grudge, a Hollywood remake of A Tale of Two Sisters is currently in pre-production at DreamWorks SKG.

In A Tale of Two Sisters, Su-mi (Soo-jung Im) and Su-yeon (Geun-young Moon), following the death of their mother, are sent to convalesce in a mental hospital. Upon returning to their father’s dark and somewhat foreboding house, their dad is taciturn and burdened and their stepmother greets them with forced enthusiasm and more than a little sense of irritation.

Immediately, disturbing and seemingly inexplicable happenings begin to occur and harrowing hallucinations plague the family. Is it the sisters’ unstable mental health, cruel mind games played by the stepmother or the dark presence of a supernatural force?

Korean with English and Spanish subtitles, A Tale of Two Sisters is presented in anamorphic widescreen, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and DTS. Available in one-disc R-rated and collectible two-disc Unrated versions – special features include:

Disc One: Commentary with director, cinematographer and lighting director; commentary with director and stars; Easter egg.

Disc Two: Behind-the-scenes footage; cast interviews; deleted scenes; post production documentaries; to the viewer – director’s analysis; psychiatrist’s perspective; Easter egg; previews of Tartan Asia Extreme new releases. (Unrated version only)

All releases on the Asia Extreme label are supported by broad-based and multi-faceted consumer advertising campaigns; a comprehensive online viral marketing campaign; and a public relations push to English-, Spanish- and Asian-language media.

Tartan Video’s Asia Extreme is a premiere collection of stylish international cinema from the proven Asian horror genre which shocks, scares and astonishes in equal measure. In the U.K., Tartan has sold over $50 million of Asian product, which would equate to $500 million in the U.S., making it Britain’s leading independent film genre.

A Jaw-Clenching Joyride Through the Darkest Regions of the Human Psyche

From the Director of the Cult Hit Inner Senses, Named ‘Outstanding New Director,’ 2003 Hong Kong Film Awards

Tartan Asia Extreme’s ‘Koma’ in Stores Nationwide March 8th

LOS ANGELES – March 1, 2005 – From the director of the cult hit Inner Senses, Lo Chi-leung – named “Outstanding New Director,” 2003 Hong Kong Film Awards – comes Koma, the intricately woven, jaw-clenching urban legend thriller available on DVD, March 8th on Tartan Video’s Asia Extreme label.

During a wedding reception, a young woman (The Eye’s Angelica Lee) discovers the most recent victim of the kidney thief terrorizing Hong Kong. She suspects a mysterious woman (Karena Lam) who holds a bitter grudge against her and her boyfriend, with whom she shares a secret past. Almost unavoidably, these two women, polar opposites of one another, begin an uneasy friendship as their fates become irrevocably intertwined.

Cantonese, with English and Spanish subtitles, Koma is presented in anamorphic widescreen, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and DTS. Special DVD features include commentary with director; music video; original theatrical trailer; and previews of Tartan Asia Extreme new releases.

Source: Tartan