[Trailer Tracks] Dissecting the ‘Branded’ Trailer

  • Zombie-Killa

    My reaction to the first trailer: “Huh, this could be something interesting.”

    My reaction to the second trailer: “WTF AM I WATCHING!!!”

    Branded could be a unique science fiction film, but the tentacle stuff drives me nuts. It just looks ridiculous and over the top. Despite the claims of Branded being a “They Live” rip-off, the premise is something interesting, and I might give this a try. But the second trailer almost killed any desire I originally had to watch this film.

  • Aaron Emery

    Thank you sir, another great read. If it wasn’t for the ridiculous 3G that looks like The Thing (remake) on crack, I would probably be first in line fore this bizarre flick.

  • flesheater24

    HAHAH that made me laugh hard. I am fuckin stoked for this movie first time i saw the trailer I thought it was some indie straight to DVD film then heard it’ll be coming to theaters.

  • Droolbear

    Finally, a trailer that doesn’t show you the entire movie in 2 min. And if it does, it’s so bizarre, you wouldn’t know it until AFTER seeing the actual movie.

    Yeah, I saw this trailer on TV the other night and I was like, WTF was that? No one is talking about it. No one had any early insight that it was being made or even completed.

    I definitely want to see this and hope it just blows your mind away.

  • zog71

    Okay, this may have nothing to do with anything, but reading about a They Live ripoff? That would be sweet, because no matter what your opinion is of that movie I love it! Saw the trailer for this movie the other night, and kinda want to see it.

  • Seth_Adams

    Want to watch this to completely understand what it is that is going on.

    Yes, They Live is AMAZING.