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TV: [Next On] Rick Reacts To Something Horrifying In “The Walking Dead” Teaser!

Premiering October 14 on AMC, The Walking Dead“ returns with the third season that’s teased in TVLine’s exclusive promo clip embedded below. Executive producer Robert Kirkman recently told them that Rick’s upcoming emotional “journey… is going to be a lot more drastic than it’s been. You’re going to see him really be put through his paces.” So much so, the boss added, that he’s “going to come out of the season a changed character.”

In Season 3, “Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and company will face a brand new threat – one that is very much human. While Rick and the gang are busy clearing out a prison in the hopes of transforming it into a protective fortress, not so far away is the town of Woodbury, Georgia, and its self-appointed leader, the Governor (David Morrissey).




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