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Bluegrass Films Options Arcana’s ‘The Order’ Graphic Novel

Arcana announced that Bluegrass Films has optioned their graphic novel, The Order, which falls under their ArcanaBenderspink line. Bluegrass set writer Brian Nathanson (The Many Deaths Of Barnaby James) to write the screenplay. The graphic novel, written by Erik Hendrix and Sean Patrick O’Reilly is still in development over at Arcana, but the set plot follows a group young Vatican taught men who join the elite team that travels the world in order to destroy evil.

Official press release:
VANCOUVER (Aug 30, 2012) – The Order, a graphic novel in development for the past several months behind the scenes for the ArcanaBenderspink line and written by Erik Hendrix (THE EVIL TREE, DEADLY HARVEST, THE BOOK, INTRINSIC) and Sean Patrick O’Reilly (KADE, CLOCKWORK GIRL, THE HOPE VIRUS, INTRINSIC) based on a story co-developed by Arcana and Benderspink, has been optioned by Bluegrass Films, and has set Brian Nathanson (The Many Deaths of Barnaby James) to write the script, reported yesterday. You can CLICK HERE to read the full article, but below is an excerpt.

The Order is a group of young men collared by the Vatican to join an elite team that travels the globe battling mysterious evil forces. Stuber will produce with Benderspink, and the project will be overseen by Michael Clear and Nick Nesbitt for Bluegrass Films and Jake Weiner and Christopher Cosmos for Benderspink. Sean O’Reilly of Arcana will serve as an executive producer.

Stuber’s coming off Ted and just wrapped the Seth Gordon-directed Identity Thief with Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman starring, and he’s producing the Carl Rinsch-directed 47 Ronin with Keanu Reeves starring. Benderspink is in post-production on the Steve Carell-Jim Carrey comedy The Incredible Burt Wonderstone and is in production on We’re The Millers, The Hangover Part III and Ride Along. Nathanson is repped by CAA and Mosaic.

Arcana and Benderspink look forward to working with Bluegrass Films to bring The Order to the big screen and is also excited to share more details of the graphic novel as it approaches completion.



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