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John Mayer Silenced By Surgery: Better Than All Of These Things



CNN is reporting that John Mayer has undergone a second vocal cord surgery to remove granuloma. The first surgery was performed last year during the production of his album Born And Raised. He had to cancel a summer tour in order to recover.

Mayer stated on his Tumblr, “Well, here I am. Silent for the next few months, no singing for probably six, but all signs point to this being the last step in getting to perform again. Back to notebooks and iPad to communicate for the time being. Zen living at its finest.

Every once in a while John Mayer says something that makes me erupt in laughter and hang upon his every word for the next several days. But then the excitement wears off and I just get irritated again. So, upon hearing this news, I immediately felt a burst of joy in my heart. It actually made me so happy that I had to compile a list of 10 things that were no match to the sheer power of this news. Read it below and please, by all means, leave some comments with your own suggestions!

John Mayer not being able to speak is better than…

1. Seeing Jean Claude Van Damme deliver three jumping roundhouse kicks to your worst enemy…IN PERSON.

2. Peace in the Middle East.

3. Finding diamonds in Minecraft.

4. Coming home to your girlfriend in bed with another hot girl and getting invited to join.

5. Beating Emerald Weapon in Final Fantasy VII.

6. Going to the bathroom after drinking five beers.

7. Finding One Eyed Willie’s treasure.

8. Punching a screaming baby on an airplane.

9. Going to a restaurant on your birthday and NOT having every employee sing to you.

10. Beating Contra without using the Konami code.

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