'My Sucky Teen Romance' Hits Blu/DVD/VOD Tomorrow! We Catch Up With Writer/Director Emily Hagins - Bloody Disgusting
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‘My Sucky Teen Romance’ Hits Blu/DVD/VOD Tomorrow! We Catch Up With Writer/Director Emily Hagins



MPI Media Group’s My Sucky Teen Romance, the breakthrough feature film from writer-director Emily Hagins (head here for a more in-depth interview), will be released on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow, September 4. It’s also going to be available on iTunes (link here) and most VOD platforms.

I recently caught up with Hagins at the Los Angeles premiere of the film – literally seconds after the movie started – and we talked about the long journey of bringing MSTR to the screen (I think I saw the original trailer almost 2 years ago). “As of this moment I’ve just intro’d the film and it started about 15 seconds ago. I’m probably the most nervous right now and I’ll calm down in a few minutes. I just hope people have fun with it and have a good time with it and accept it for what it is, because it’s not a big budget blockbuster or anything like that. But I think the people who are going to enjoy it will enjoy it. It’s exciting to share it with people. Being done with it is pretty surreal because people were asking me what my new project was 6 months ago – and there was still so much MSTR stuff that needed to be done. So being able refer to this as a thing of the past is interesting because we sold this film over a year ago and it’s only now just finishing up.

If you haven’t seen the film, you should check it out. She’s only getting started and is definitely a talent you want to keep our eye on.


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