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Godsmack’s Shannon Larkin Reviews ‘V/H/S’

As you very well know, we here at Bloody-Disgusting are thrilled and proud to have brought you V/H/S (out now via VOD), an anthology horror flick helmed by several directors, including Ti West, Adam Wingard, Radio Silence, Joe Swanberg, and more. And now, Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin has lent his review to the film! You can read his thoughts on the movie below. Remember to leave your review of the film at the above link!

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This film is an anthology that delivers five short and violent horror stories all tied together through the main theme, a VHS tape. All five stories are filmed by the characters on hand held cameras, Blair Witch style. The different episodic directors all put their own spin on the genre, in example, one is filmed with a spy glasses camera, so the others don’t know they are being filmed, and one uses Skype style cameras to great effect. The direction was really good on all the stories (Adam Wingard, Ti West, David Bruckner, Glenn McQuaid, and Joe Swanberg), and the writing was original, twisted, and very violent and bloody. Great gore, special effects, acting, and boobies! Have I said this film kicks ass? Ha! My kind of flick. Any of you that have read my reviews know that I’m not a fan of shaky cam; not only does it make me dizzy at times, but it has also been overused and overdone (in my opinion). However, this is the best I’ve seen in the hand held genre, hands down. In the past reviews, I have been told that I give too much away, and need a spoiler alert if you read my review before seeing the flick. I won’t do that this time friends. Oh, I could! There is so many cool twists, interesting and brutal slayings, and truly tremendous boobs that it is hard for me not to discuss the radness without spoiling it for you all. But with that said, here goes…

We start with some criminal dudes who we are shown to be vandals and thugs. After a couple exploits, they end up going to an old guys house on a tip that he has a VHS tape worth lots of dough. They break in and find the dude in a room full of tapes and TV’s that are on, but the dude is dead in a chair. As the criminals spread out looking for loot, one of them puts in a tape…

We see three guys getting ready to go out and party in some bars, looking to get laid. They put a pair of glasses on one of the dudes that has a built in camera so he can film their antics throughout the evening with no one knowing but them. A fast moving story that turns scary really quick. A true WTF moment and the blood is flying and you realize this is a horror movie, down and dirty, with sick gore and a great ending.

Back to the criminals at the house, they continue looking for the “one” and put in another VHS tape…

We are with a young couple filming themselves on vacation. Another strong story that takes a completely different turn than the first, and ends very tragically, and very violently.

I won’t bore you with the sub plot, but we find ourselves back to the criminals in the house where things are heating up and getting strange, and they put in another tape…

Two guys, two hot girls, filming themselves on an outing to a lake. Creepy wooded area surrounding the lake and a supernatural killer theme makes this one get under the skin. A very original way of filming the actual killer made this stand out (and the gory murders didn’t hurt either!). A great and horrendous ending with guts!

So three stories in, so far so good. Our criminals are still looking through the tapes and put another one in…

We see a young couple Skyping each other, and learn a bit of their story (she’s having problems, he’s away on a job and won’t be back for a week). This one is shown to us in the Skype format, and works really well. Another great story with a sick twist, some really gritty gore, and an evil ending. Great pace, direction, and acting make this another ride into a completely different type of horror, yet again. Disturbing to the end.

So back at the house, one of the criminals goes back into the room where the dead guy is and…he’s gone! Was he really dead? Did he come back to life as a zombie? I’m not telling! But the shit hits the fan with the sub plot and turns bloody…and a last tape is played…

We see a guy dressed in a bear costume filming himself leaving his house and getting into a car with three other dudes to head off to a Halloween party. I felt this last installment was the creepiest, due to the great direction, evil story, and likable characters that you want to make it out alive. I say likable, but not so smart…for when they get the the party house, it is empty, but they enter anyway and proceed to look through the house (again, NOT a smart thing to do). They find chaos and are made to pay for their stupidity in another very original story with a great twist and ending.

All in all, this movie is a homerun for any horror fan that likes the essentials: blood, guts, gore, and babes. It has a plethora of unique cringe inducing moments and is filmed in such a way that even though it is a “first person, hand held, shaky cam” whatever you want to label this style, it totally delivered me to that place that we love as fans, that place where the hair raises on the back of the neck and the stomach feels a little weird. That place I love that makes me keep a night light on in the bathroom for those late night excursions. Yes, I recommend this for anyone who reads my reviews or frequents, as it is wicked

4 out of 5 Stars! A definite for the collection.

Until the last time, Apocalypse!

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