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Halloween’s Coming Early With ‘Hellraiser Revelations’ Gear For Your Avatar

TWC Games, which is basically the video game department over at The Weinstein Company announced that now available exclusively for the Xbox 360 are Hellraiser Revelations Avatar items. The collection contains 10 different items ranging in price from 80 Microsoft Head Pins to 320 Microsoft Bull Shit Dollars. You can buy props, t-shirts, full costumes and more. Head past the break for a trailer and some screens so you can get a full look at all the Pinheaded goodies.

“Personalizing avatars is an excellent way for players to virtually represent themselves, their unique style or interests,” said Matthew Signer, Senior Vice President, The Weinstein Company. “With the release of the Hellraiser: Revelations Avatar Collection, players now have the opportunity to express their passion for this classic franchise by outfitting their avatar with an assortment of stylish Hellraiser gear.”



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