[TIFF '12 Review] Brad Finds 'Thale' Heavy On Bloat And CGI - Bloody Disgusting!

[TIFF ’12 Review] Brad Finds ‘Thale’ Heavy On Bloat And CGI

Playing at TIFF this year is Thale, Aleksander Nordaas’ Norwegian horror film. In it, “Two crimes scene cleaners discover a mythical tailed, female creature in a concealed cellar. She never utters a word, unable to tell her tale herself, but the pieces of the puzzle soon come together; she’s been held captive for decades for reasons soon to surface. Someone is approaching from outside. They want her back.

Brad (Mr. Disgusting) had a chance to check the film out at TIFF and he wasn’t exactly wowed. “While strong performances and bleak cinematography keep the film afloat, ultimately the bulk of the second act is less than engaging. It takes too long to get to the obvious revelation, which at one point escalates the film into full on terror mode. The audience does get to see some elder creatures, which deliver some violent retribution, but the heavy CGI hinders its impact and full potential.

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