[TIFF '12 Review] Brad Thinks 'No One Lives' Sets The Genre Back 10 Years - Bloody Disgusting!

[TIFF ’12 Review] Brad Thinks ‘No One Lives’ Sets The Genre Back 10 Years

I can’t say I was looking forward to No One Lives because it was barely on my radar. But Brad (Mr. Disgusting) saw the film at TIFF and hated it with a fiery passion. Apparently Ryuhei Kitamura has failed to live up to Midnight Meat Train and the script is in shambles.

It can’t be expressed enough just how terrible this film is. It’s camp without the laughs, a complete downer that’ll leave the audience feeling empty. There’s nothing more frustrating than watching films like this get made by people who understand nothing about the genre; they should stick to wrestling, at least that’s one form of entertainment they know how to produce.

Click here to read the review in its entirety. The Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 6th-16th.

  • djblack1313

    Evan, don’t you get to see more films to review on here? no offense to Mr.D, but i’d like to read more than just his reviews on movies. i’ve noticed i tend to agree more with your reviews than i do Brad’s. just wonderin’.

  • EvanDickson

    @djblack1313 Yep! I occasionally review films! Got a few coming up. Brad’s the one in Toronto right now though.

    However, just because you disagree with Brad and agree with me more doesn’t make Brad a bad reviewer. It just means your tastes are different 😉

    • djblack1313

      Evan, i have to disagree w/ you on this. Brads,(from his LORDS “review”) ” “Rob Zombie fans sat there with a look of shock and disappointment on their faces, displaying the most fake smile you’ve ever seen), it’s not good.” line is a joke and is not and CAN’T be true nor confirmed.